The bucketlistmap scratch edition

Illustrated world map of the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth, from big-name spots to little-known gems with scratch layer

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WTFact Map

The WTFact Map

Illustrated world map of the most outrageous (and useless) facts

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The surftripmap

The sweetest swells across the globe, and lots of other info to help plan your dream surf trip

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The snowtripmap

The best ski and snowboard destinations with info about mountains, snow quality and more

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The footballmap

World map with stats and fun facts about the world’s favorite pastime. From hardcore facts about national teams and top scorers, to outrageous stories and more

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The kidsmap

The kidsmap is the first interactive analog map for kids, combining beautiful illustrated stickers with fun flash cards that guide kids through a world of animals, places and cultures

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What are awesome maps?

Planet Earth has so much to offer, but today’s maps don’t do it justice. We think maps should give you more than just continent outlines, political boundaries and numbered roads.

Awesome Maps show you the world how you want to see it, through detailed, hand-drawn illustrations, useful information, and a whole lot more. We’re putting the awesome back in maps.

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